Calico Cat Has Crazy Judgmental Eyebrows

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Have you ever looked at your cat or dog and thought they would look hilarious with eyebrows? I’ve drawn eyebrows on my dog and she looks really angry but really funny afterward. It makes you wish animals really did have eyebrows to see them with more expression.

One kitty’s owner doesn’t have to wish or even draw pretend eyebrows on their cat because they already have them! And it’s even better than you could imagine.

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Meet Lilly!

She’s a calico (or tortoiseshell) kitty.

Calico cats are always female.

If you do get a calico boy, they won’t be able to go on and have more kitties because they’re sterile.


They have three colors on their cute little bodies, usually white, orange, and black.

Lilly’s markings are quite unique for a calico.



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Calico Cat Has Crazy Judgmental Eyebrows

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